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Dener Electric Press Brake

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    Electric Servo Press Brake - Overview

    Mantech has increased its portfolio of press brakes by introducing the Dener range which comprises of Hydraulic and all Electric Servo E-Brakes that are designed to be flexible and reliable with advanced bending capabilities, all utilising state of the art controllers that can integrate with cnc systems such has lasers and robots.

    • Available from 40T up to 200T
    • Bend lengths from 1250mm to 4080mm

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    Dener Electric Servo Press Brake provides energy saving up to 50%

    Servo Electric Press Brake has 50% energy saving compared with hydraulic press brakes.

    Servo Electric Press Brake is faster up to 30%

    Servo Electric Press Brake is shown to be up to 30% faster than hydraulic press brake. A shorter response time is one of the biggest advantages of a servo electric press brake.

    Servo Electric Press Brake is eco – friendly machine

    Servo uses 100% electrical power instead of hydraulic oil and hydraulic components. Less pollution – Best solution.

    Servo Electric Press Brake provides high productivity

    Servo has high acceleration, high declaration. The quick change of the moving direction is a advantage for high productivity and efficiency. Servo has less maintenance cost.

    Servo Electric Press Brake provides advanced bending

    Servo is flexible, reliable and advance bending machine. Servo Electric Press Brake combines high accuracy, flexibility and reliability. This concept offers low power consumption for operation.

    Servo Electric Press Brake works quietly

    Servo working system has no noise and provide silently working conditions


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