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Mantech Automated Storage

Automated Storage – Now Available From Mantech

We are delighted to announce our latest range of Automated Storage and Retrieval systems. Utilise your warehouse space and increase your efficiency, with safe and durable storage now available from Mantech Machinery.

Speed Up Your Production With Automation

We can offer a range of automated material handling and storage solutions. Reducing the time needed to handle sheet materials can improve production times and increase yields.

Reasons to Invest

  • Cost Effective – This system is energy saving, as well as productive and sizeable.
  • Space Efficient –  Effectively utilising the floor space will help maximise the entire warehouse space. No more clutter!
  • Time Saving  – Reduced time for operators, system to control/manage/organise materials on the spot.
  • Functional – suitable for pallet loading, handling, and storage. Safe, durable, easy to maintain, low equipment cost.
  • System Interface – User friendly control interface and software.

Special Features

  • Automated weight scale installed.
  • Shock absorbing structure.
  • Lifting mechanism with anti-drop feature.

Mantech ASRS Tower

To see our range of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems click here.


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