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Author: Nikko Liadopoulos

Customer Case Study - Laser Cutters

Customer Focus – Laser Web In Barnsley Purchases Their Fourth Mantech Machine

Customer Case Study

After starting their business just 4 years ago, Laser Web have had both UK and international market success.

In the very early days, we were approached by Laser Web to supply them with their first Mantech CO2 Laser Cutter. This was a large 8 x 4ft unit helping them produce larger products and turn over more profit. If this one flatbed unit wasn’t enough for Laser Web, they eventually decided that a second flatbed laser was needed to produce the huge backlog of orders they had.

This is a testament to the energy and drive of the MD, Earl, his wife and son.  Being family run the success of their business isn’t just about being a job. Laser Web care about each and every customer that walks through the door, treating each one as equals.

It wasn’t long before Earl and Laser Web were on the hunt for another machine. This time they wanted to break into the laser etching market, more so using a high-speed Fibre Laser Marking System rather than CO2 Lasers.

One of our Fibretech FM30 models was the perfect choice between size and performance per pound spent.  Now they had the capacity to laser mark at high speed onto materials such as brass, titanium, steel, iron, aluminium, and non-metal materials such as cloth, fabric, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic etc.  Opening up whole new markets and possibilities to increase their customer base even more.

Earl Says “Mantech Machinery Ltd have been supplying us with our production machinery for many years now, enabling us to produce larger orders and supply our customers with a high-quality product.  Whenever we have had a breakdown Mantech has always fixed the issue, although on the odd occasion it’s taken slightly longer than I would have liked however they have always come through and fixed my machines, in fact, we have just purchased our fourth machine from Mantech to keep up with our orders.”

Whether you are looking at purchasing your first, second or third machine and beyond, Mantech can assist and support you at every step of your journey.  Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444 or email the team on

Titan Fibre Laser Machine UK

Mantech Machinery Installs Two Fibre Laser Cutters Plymouth

Double Fibre Laser Cutter Install In Plymouth, UK.

Mantech is fast becoming industry experts in fibre laser cutting solutions across the UK and Europe.

Our most recent installation of both sheet and tube fibre cutters is just one of many installs we have completed over this year alone.  This company is at the cutting edge of automotive workshop design and is no.1 in workshop furniture, dealing with prestigious clients both in the UK and internationally.  Award-winning and have won awards such as the ‘Design Oscar’ of a RedDot Design Award, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Export) finalists of the ‘Best Growth Story’ in the BT sponsored Great Faces of Britain competition.

Plymouth based and experts in manufacturing, they approached Mantech to advise on them on our sheet metal production machinery capabilities and specifications. To continually improve production output and quality, our new customer was looking to invest in both a sheet and tube cutting fibre laser.  Out of the competition, they decided Mantech Machinery would be the best fit in terms of price but also performance, reliability and expertise.

Our Tube and Sheet cutting solutions coupled with first-class installation and service helped make the decision for the purchasing team an easy one.  Fully installed by Mantech and our professional technical team.

Titan Fibre Laser Machine UK Titan Fibre Laser Machine Plymouth Titan Fibre Laser Machine. Tube Cutting Solution UK

If you would like to discuss your options regarding any of our industrial machinery, please get in touch and speak with one of our very knowledgeable technical sales team on



In-stock 3KW Fibre Laser – Ready to Ship & Install


Looking for an incredibly priced 3KW Fibre Laser Cutter?

Introducing our in-stock and ready to ship, Titan 3KW Model.

This large bed 3000 x 1500 mm sized unit is perfect for cutting through mild steel at up to 20mm (applies to mild steel only), as well as a range of other materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Titanium.  With a robust frame, this machine is built to last and is perfect for industrial use in areas such as automotive, aerospace, marine engineering and other applications involving sheet metal processing.

Using it’s IPG Laser Source (a world-renowned brand) this machine makes light work of most cutting tasks.  Comes complete with LED lighting, saw-toothed styled table & safety systems.

Not only that but this particular model is also configured with much sought after options such as pallet loading & change as well as autofocus.

Why use a Fibre Laser Cutter:

  1. high productivity
  2. lower energy consumption over other methods
  3. faster cutting capabilities
  4. minimal maintenance

A fully walled enclosure, Japanese Yaskawa drive system, Taiwan TST KH series helical rack all combine to give you a high-performance Fibre Cutting solution that has an unbelievable price tag.  Fibre laser cutters have never been so affordable.

Interested?  This machine is priced to sell and won’t be available for long, why not get in touch with one of us to discuss your sheet metal cutting requirements.


Mantech machinery UK

BREXIT – Are You Ready?



As you are all aware, BREXIT is upon us and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air as to what will and what will not happen during, after the process.

As a UK business, we have also had to put procedures in place to ensure our supply chain stay unaffected by the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on the 31st of October.


How BREXIT may affect our customers? 


Unfortunately, we can’t answer this with 100% certainty but due to the volatile nature of the dollar exchange rate, our prices may be affected.   Our pricing will, however, remain unchanged right up until the 31st of October for customers who are in the process of purchasing or have instigated a purchase with a PO order/deposit.


If you would like to discuss how Brexit may affect orders after the 31st of October, you can call us on 0121 541 1444 or email us on

Customer Service Comments

Kind Words From a Happy Customer

Customer Testimonial

Nice comments, like these from a school in Kingston Upon Thames, make you sneak out a smile 🤗. Knowing that all we do as a business makes a real difference to people:

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Mason. Incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, giving me excellent advice on how to have a go at aligning in the future should I need to. I feel that my machine is working at its absolute optimum!

Thanks again for being so quick to get an engineer out to look at the laser cutter. After having dealt with Radecal in the past, you have already exceeded their customer service and quality! I am very glad to have bought my machine from you!

Please, can you pass on my comments about Mason to himself and also to his line manager.

Kindest regards,

Sean Smith
Head of Design Technology

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CNC In the local community

Helping Our Local Community

We love to give a little back to the community. We were recently approached by a local infants school to help them bring their entrance area to life. We used one of our demo CNC machines to produce some lovely tree and leaf shapes for the school to paint and decorate.

We hope the infants, parents and teachers enjoy their creation ❤️. This is the result of their hard work and some very kind words from one of their fantastic class teachers:

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