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Fly3 Elas

  • Format : 3000X2000X150 (Y – X – Z)
  • Working hours 45000h
  • 2500W laser source integrated
  • Fanuc 16-MB with color screen – 3 axes control
  • Capacitive Precitec cutting head 7,5” cutting lens
  • 2 gas valves and proportional valve (up to 16bars)
  • 2 driven pallets – no automatic run
  • 1 fume extraction – now filtration
Machine can cut 12mm mild steel and 5mm stainless over surface – 15mm mild steel and 6mm stainless on restricted area.

Installation and 3 days of training at customer.

Nesting software, with dxf interface.

1000h maintenance: cleaning all optics of laser and machine, replacement of grease, cleaning the machine, alignment of the machine, etc.

Full maintenance contains following points:
  • Check and/or replacement (if needed) of mechanical components, motors, linear bearings, etc.
  • Replacement of all moving cables and cable chains of the machine
  • Replacement of all water tubes inside de resonator and machine
  • Update of resonator to latest version
  • Check of cooling unit by cooling technician
  • New discharge glassware
  • Built out and cleaning of all electronically components such as : drives - control – screen - boards - etc.
  • Full maintenance on laser, including valves, oil, membranes, cleaning or replacing laser optics, cleaning of cathodes, etc.
  • Cleaning and greasing of all moving parts
  • Cleaning or replacing machine optics