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Laser Engraver (desktop)

Desktop Laser Engraver
Desktop Laser Engraver
Our laser engraving machine JD40W can be used to engrave on rubber stamps, artwork, photographs and key fobs. It is a low cost laser engraver suitable for small businesses and is very easy to operate. You can use the entry level desktop laser engraving machine to start your business right now!

Laser engraver features:

  • Digital control circuits and embedded module-driven system help guarantee a stable performance.
  • Aviation aluminium, which is characterised by light weight and high strength, is used for manufacturing our desktop laser engravers or components.
  • We adopt the most advanced lasers for our desktop laser engraving machines and the laser power is also designed specifically for manufacturing a variety of marketing gifts.
  • This desktop laser equipment is designed with a new structure. Traditional machine structure is easily deformed which results in inaccurate performance. These problems can all be avoided by our new machine structure.
  • The strong inner framework enables the machine to maintain a stable structure for accurate engraving over a long time.
  • The newly designed jig is characterised by low noise, reliable performance and is maintenance free.
  • Cooling system and auto-exhaust system are included.

Technical specification for our Laser engraver:

Model JD40W
Processing scope 330 x185 mm
Largest laser power 40W
laser power source double high-frequency transformer
Operating system 98/ME/2000/XP
Outside dimensions 800 x 500 x 260mm
Power AC 220V/50Hz
Application Stamp, craft & advertisement industries
Application materials rubber, plastic, Plexiglas, crystal, wood, leather

Laser engraver manufacturer and supplier, Mantech can produce not only laser engraving machines but also laser cutting machines, All our products are CE and FDA certified. As a result of our reliable quality and stable performance, our products are used in numerous industries, such as seal and stamp engraving, advertising, decoration and cloth-cutting, as well as decorative cutting for leather products, and more.


Flowers engraved on Acrylic strip
Engraved heart
Laser engraving on glass
Laser cutting shapes
Laser engraving on acrylic
Detailed laser engraving
Laser cutting
Laser engraving and cutting produced product
Engraving on rubber
Laser engraving on rubber
Laser engraved rubber sheet
Laser engraving and cutting
Laser engraving on bamboo
laser engraving on bottle
laser engraving on glass
Laser engraving on marble
Laser engraving
Laser engraving
Laser engraving on material
Laser engraving by laser machine
Laser engrave on material
Laser engraving on Denim
Laser engraving on cloth
Laser engraving on jeans
Laser engraving on shirt
Laser cut and engraved buttons
Laser engraving
Laser cutting on wood
Laser cutting
Laser engraving on wood
Laser cut flower
Laser cut leaf
Laser cut image
Desktop laser cutter sample
Intricate work produced by Desktop Laser cutter
Laser engraved badge
Laser cut clover leaf
Laser engraving on stone