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CNC Plasma Cutting Table

CNC Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cutting Table
CNC Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cutting Table
CNC Plasma Cutters

JD13 (1300 x 1340mm)      
£ 9,725 + VAT,   
JD13 (1360 x 2580mm)      
£ 11,670 + VAT,
JD15 (1520 x 3020mm)      
£ 12,915 + VAT.
JD40 (2200 x 4500mm)
£16,245 + VAT.

Our CNC Plasma Cutting Table is a robust welded steel construction including a stainless steel water tray with quick-emptying drain system, convenient full sheet loading, adjustable leveling feet, side mounted ball transfers for easy plate loading and a stand-alone electrical cabinet with CNC Control. A magnetic breakaway head eliminates damage to the torch.

The CNC Plasma Cutter can be used for cutting all types of metals and is perfect for use in steel fabrication, repairers and workshops for production metal cutting.

Technical Specifications
Travers System:
  • Square Linear Guide Rail and Rack & Pinion (XY), Dual Drive Y axis
  • Cylindrical Linear Guide Rail and Ball Screw (Z axis)
3 Axis Control System:
  • Closed Loop Stepper Motor/ Hybrid Servo Driver (XY)
  • Stepper Motor (Z axis)
CNC Control:
  • Start Shaphon CNC Control with easy to use graphic (macro based) library
  • USB Interface and G Code Command Language
  • Microstep Digital Torch Height Control/ High Speed Precision Arc Voltage Control
Power Supply Requirements:
  • Single Phase 220V


Control panel
Z Hight
CNC Plasma Cutter close up view