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CNC Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cutting Table

CNC Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cutting Table
CNC Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cutting Table
Plasma Cutter Prices

JD13 (1300 x 1340mm)      
£ 9,725 + VAT,   
JD13 (1360 x 2580mm)      
£ 11,670 + VAT,
JD15 (1520 x 3020mm)      
£ 12,915 + VAT.
JD40 (2200 x 4500mm)
£16,245 + VAT.

Our CNC Plasma Cutter is a robust welded steel construction including a stainless steel water tray with quick-emptying drain system, convenient full sheet loading, adjustable leveling feet, side mounted ball transfers for easy plate loading and a stand-alone electrical cabinet with CNC Control. A magnetic breakaway head eliminates damage to the torch.

Technical Specifications
Travers System:
  • Square Linear Guide Rail and Rack & Pinion (XY), Dual Drive Y axis
  • Cylindrical Linear Guide Rail and Ball Screw (Z axis)
3 Axis Control System:
  • Closed Loop Stepper Motor/ Hybrid Servo Driver (XY)
  • Stepper Motor (Z axis)
CNC Control:
  • Start Shaphon CNC Control with easy to use graphic (macro based) library
  • USB Interface and G Code Command Language
  • Microstep Digital Torch Height Control/ High Speed Precision Arc Voltage Control
Power Supply Requirements:
  • Single Phase 220V


Control panel
Z Hight
CNC Plasma Cutter close up view