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Our machines give great value and long life. Don’t just take our word for it, we can provide you with a full list of end users you can select and call for a reference.

Laser Cutting Machine and Laser Engraving Machine

Standard laser engraver 6090 60W
Standard laser engraver 6090 60W

Our laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine is designed to meet the demands of a range of sectors including gift manufacturing, hobby craft and education.

Being compact these laser cutters are perfect for use in schools and particularly suitable for technology students in colleges.

They are ideal for use in the home for arts and crafts production projects and can be used for laser engraving and laser cutting various graphics and letters on double color boards, wood, bamboo, organic glass, clothes, leather and rubber, etc.

Laser cutter features:

  • The control system of our laser cutting machine can work without a computer or can be connected to a U disk or any other USB interface.
  • The laser beam accuracy delivers a higher working efficiency and smoother laser engraving and cutting.
  • The high precision liner bearing in our laser engraving machine, provides smooth operation.
  • Our laser cutting machine is designed with front and back running-through structure, which makes it suitable for processing super-long materials.
  • This laser cutter is equipped with software which is specially designed and written for laser cutting machines. The software is suitable for any computer operating system.
  • Honeycomb and aluminous-strip work tables are both available making this machine suitable for wood or acrylic cutting and engraving.
  • Hand or electric up-down work table provided, which enables our laser engraving machine to meet different cutting depth requirements of different materials.
  • Our laser cutting machines can be used for engraving on cylindrical or conical surfaces.
  • The stable machine frame ensures precise cutting.

Technical specification for our laser cutters:

Product model JD4060 JD6090 JD90120
Max working area(mm) 400x600 600x900 900x1200
Laser power 60W/80W/100W/150W/180W
Engraving speed(mm/min) 0-75,000
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-40,000
Minimum letter English: 1 x 1mm
Location precision ≤0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Driving system Stepper
Cooling mode Water-cooling and protection system
Auxiliary Devices Exhauster and the Exhaust Pipe
Software Lasercut 5.3
Graphic format supported BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DWG, etc.
Without DSP operating system, up and down work table

From our headquarters in the West Midlands we can supply a variety of laser cutting machines. All our products are of high quality and offer reliable performance at low prices.

You can find our products in wide range of countries, including Europe, America, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Israel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain further infromation.


Laser Cutter and Engraver with cover


Flowers engraved on Acrylic strip
Engraved heart
Laser engraving on glass
Laser cutting shapes
Laser engraving on acrylic
Detailed laser engraving
Laser cutting
Laser engraving and cutting produced product
Engraving on rubber
Laser engraving on rubber
Laser engraved rubber sheet
Laser engraving and cutting
Laser engraving on bamboo
laser engraving on bottle
laser engraving on glass
Laser engraving on marble
Laser engraving
Laser engraving
Laser engraving on material
Laser engraving by laser machine
Laser engrave on material
Laser engraving on Denim
Laser engraving on cloth
Laser engraving on jeans
Laser engraving on shirt
Laser cut and engraved buttons
Laser engraving
Laser cutting on wood
Laser cutting
Laser engraving on wood
Laser cut flower
Laser cut leaf
Laser cut image
Desktop laser cutter sample
Intricate work produced by Desktop Laser cutter
Laser engraved badge
Laser cut clover leaf
Laser engraving on stone