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Our machines give great value and long life. Don’t just take our word for it, we can provide you with a full list of end users you can select and call for a reference.

Installations from Mantech Machinery.

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Fibre_Laser_Marking_Machine_installed_in_WinchesterFibre Laser Marking Machine installed in Winchester.

Producing high quality engrasvingon a variety of materials including:

  • Metals: Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel Copper, Aluminum, Chrome, Brass etc.
  • Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized aluminum
  • Non-metallic materials and special surface treatments:  Silicon wafer, Poly urethane, Ceramics, Plastic, Rubber, Epoxy resin, PVC, PC, ABS, Coating film etc.
LOpenshaw_Campus_Manchesteraser Cutter installed at the Openshaw Campus, Manchester.

These machines are ideal for installation in Colleges and Universities.

They provide an opportunity for students to learn about new technology and production techniques in a safe environment.

The facility can also use the machines to produce signage around the campus and other items needed on site.
CNC_Router_installed_in_DublinCNC Router installed in Dublin.

These machines are designed to provide high speed productivity for commercial products.

Manufactured to CE standards, the machines are intended to work for long periods of time with minimal downtime.

Training and 12 months labour/parts warranty included.
Laser_cutter_in_KentDesktop Laser Cutter and Laser Engraver installed in Woodchurch, Kent.

Our laser cutters can be used for the production of arts and crafts, gifts and signage. They are perfect for teaching technology students in schools and colleges.

Compact enough to fit into the most installations.
CNC_Router_in_PeterboroughCNC router installed in Peterborough.

Used predominantly in the woodworking sector for producing all sorts of furniture, wooden doors and windows, for signage and arts and crafts.

They can also be used for cutting and routing other materials.
CNC Router installation in Bury St Edmunds.
We supply a range of precision CNC routers that can be used to produce a variety of products such as signs, furniture and cabinets, doors and window frames, mold processing, arts and crafts creation and the gifts.

Laser_Cutter_in_Bury_St_EdmundsLaser Cutter

Our laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine is designed to meet the demands of a range of sectors including gift manufacturing, hobby craft and education.

Mechanical_Guilotine_in_LincolnshireMechanical Guillotine installation in Lincolnshire.

Our mechanical guillotines come with motorised backstop with digital read-out and incliude brake motor and gear reduction box.

They have a working length of: 1270 - 2550 - 3050 mm and can cut mild Steel up to 3.2mm.

Single or multiple Cutting operation with 1.0M squaring arm with metric Scale and flip-Up Stop.

1.0M Front Supports Arms with Metric Scale and Disappearing Stops are provided.
Laser_cutter_in_Peterborough_Art_ShopLaser cutters recently installed in premises around the UK:

Peterborough Art Shop for production of arts and crafts items

Laser_Cutter_in_StockportStockport house for producing gift items
CNC_Router_BlackburnCNC Routers recently installed in a variety of premises around the UK:

CNC Routers are an immensely versatile machine with the capability to cut, route, plane and engrave.



CNC_Router_in_Fort_WilliamFort William


Laser_Cutter_Ormiston_Danes_Academy_in_NorwichLaser cutter installed at Ormiston Danes Academy in Norwich.

Our Laser Cutters have been installed in schools Colleges and Universities all over the UK.

They are used for teaching technology and arts subjects and can also be used by the establishment to create signage and other items needed within the building.

Are you still using a variety of manually operated machines to produce finished items or looking to replace your existing CNC router?  

Mantech CNC routers are computer controlled machines that are suitable for cutting and routing a wide range of materials.

CNC stands for computerised numerical control and, as this suggests, the machine can be set up to perform multiple tasks and produce large volumes of products very quickly.

Once programmed the router can be left, with minimal supervision, to produce one, or hundreds of items to the exact specification, every time.

CNC_RoutersThese machines are capable of cutting and routing numerous materials, including timber products, acrylic, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as aluminium composites, brass and aluminium sheet materials, using the correct cutters, speeds & feed rates.

Intricate designs can be created using the included CAD design software. Typical products that can be produced are, wooden doors and windows, furniture, signs, a wide range of craft and gift items and anything else that can be cut, routed, planed, engraved or sawn.

Our CNC routers are built using high quality components to give long life and high performance in commercial production environments. They will enable you to increase productivity, give you control over your products and provide years of service with minimal downtime at a cost that will keep your accountant happy.

The machines are supplied complete with a vacuum bed & pump for holding sheet materials and a dust extraction unit.
They come with a 1-year guarantee. Commissioning and training is included at your premises by our team of engineers.
Laser_Cutter_in_LondonLaser cutter installed in London.

Our laser cutters and laser engravers are suitable for making all kinds of craft and gift items from personalised bottle openers, ornaments and Glass jars to wall hangings, jewellery and signage.

Compact and with models to suit a variety of size requirements:
Product model JD4060 JD6090 JD90120
Max working area(mm) 400x600 600x900 900x1200
Laser_cutter_installed_in_a_school_in_Milton_KeynesLaser Cutting machine installed at a school in Milton Keynes.

We have installed many of these machines in schools and colleges around the UK.

They are perfect for teaching students the skills required to produce
a variety of items for arts and crafts projects.
CNC_Router_in_CoventryCNC Router installed in Coventry.

Precision CNC Routers:
  •  4.5KW water-cooled electro spindle
  •  CE conformity
  •  Digital Handheld DSP Handle and USB connection
  •  Vacuum Table and Pump
  •  Dust Extraction Complete
  •  Tool Height Measurement
  •  CAD/CAM Vectric Vcarve
  •  Water Pump for spindle
image3Desktop Laser Cutter and laser engraver installed in Preston.

Features include:
  • No water warning, to protect the life of the laser tube
  • Cutting thickness up to 10mm (for acrylic)
  • Water-cooling and protection system
  • BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DST (TIANDAO Embroidery Software), DWG, CDR, formats supported
  • Water pump, air pump, exhaust fan
Laser_cutter_in_WiganLaser cutting and engraving machine installed in Wigan.

Complete with water cooling system and extraction unit.

Suitable for use in all types of premises from home to schools and colleges, and commercial applications.
CNC_Router_in_BirminghamCNC Router installed in Birmingham.

Our CNC Routers are used mainly in the woodworking industry for fabrication of a variety of items.

However, they can also be used for the cutting of and engraving on acrylic materials, double-colour boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as dibond, brass  and aluminium materials.
Desktop_Laser_Cutter_in_Liverpool_UniDesktop Laser Cutter and laser engraver installed in Liverpool University.

Our machines are used in Schools, Colleges and Universities around the UK.

They provide a safe and versatile learning environment for students to create a wide variety of items.

They can also be used to produce signage and other requirements
for the school's buildings.
Desktop_laser_cutter_in_YorkLaser cutter installed in York.

These machines are very versatile and ideal for the home hobbyist producing a wide range of craft or gift items.

Delivery and training available on site.

CNC-Router-in-AldershotCNC router installed in Aldershot.

Our woodworking CNC router is used primarily in the woodworking industry and are also used for the production of other materials for example; cutting of and engraving on acrylic materials, double-colour boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as dibond, brass  and aluminium materials.