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Our machines give great value and long life. Don’t just take our word for it, we can provide you with a full list of end users you can select and call for a reference.

Installations from Mantech Machinery.

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Digital-Cutting-Table-in-WrexhamFlartbed cutting plotter installed in Wrexham.

 For use in the signage, displays and packaging industries.

High precision, rapid routing and knife-cutting for a variety of materials.
Laser_Cutter_Institute_of_Technology_IrelandLaser cutter installed at the Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Our laser cutting machines have been installed in schools, universities and colleges around the UK.

They are perfect for students to learn how to produce a wide variety
of items safely.
CNC-Router-installed-in-HullCNC Router installed in Hull.

Ideal for the production of cabinets, furniture, decorative carvings and window frames.

Suitable for all types of businesses in the woodworking industry requiring high performance and long life from their machines.

Our CNC router is designed to the strictest standards and is manufactured from welded steel for maximum stability and minimum vibration.
CNC-Router-installed-in-WorcestershireCNC Router installation in Worcestershire.

Our CNC Routers are used in the woodworking industry where precision and high productivity is required. The machines are manufactured from welded steel for maximum stability and minimum vibration.

They can also be used for cutting of and engraving on acrylic materials, double-colour boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as dibond, brass  and aluminium materials.
CNC-Router-installed-in-Canterbury-Uni-for-the-Creative-ArtsCNC Router installation at Canterbury University of creative Arts.

CNC routers can be used in the production of a wide variety of products such as sign making, furniture and cabinet making, door and window frame processing, mould processing and art crafts creation.
IMG-20160712-WA0002Laser Cutters/Engravers are becoming increasingly popular in Schools, Colleges & Universities, particularly in the Art, Craft, & Design Technology subjects. They give Educational Institutions the ability to produce a range of projects from materials such as Wood & Timber Products, Plastics, Fabrics, Paper & Card, among numerous other materials.

They can be used for Cutting and Engraving on most materials and are Ideal for numerous Subjects Including Art, Design Technology, Architecture etc:

Students can create, or import 2D Vector Drawings or Bitmap Images.

Designs can then be Cut or Engraved, or both, using the Laser

Photographs can also be processed, to be applied to different materials.

These machines are very versatile, and are available in a range of options depending on the material sizes you will be working with. They are all supplied with a fume extraction system to exhaust any odours from the work area. There is also an aperture, Front & Back of the machine to allow larger materials to be processed. A Rotary Axis is also supplied for Cylindrical Engraving/Cutting.

CadCam Software is supplied with every machine that can
transfer files directly using USB Cable, or Remotely via USB
Stick to the Laser. The software can accept many types of file types including: BMP, JPEG, AI, DXF, PLT etc, and has many design features itself, so an additional design software package may not be necessary.

Laser Machines are easy to use, and full training is provided by our experienced Engineers. You are welcome to view a machine in operation at our premises in the West Midlands.

If you need further information please call us on 0121 541 1444.
Laser-Cutter-in-KentInstallation of a Laser Cutter in Kent.

Versatile and compact.
Laser Cutters can be used to produce graphics and letters on double color boards, wood, bamboo, organic glass, clothes, leather and rubber, etc.
Laser-cutter-school-in-AndoverInstallation of a Laser Cutter at a school in Andover.

Laser cutters are ideal for use in schools and colleges. Compact, where space available is at a premium and versatile enough to be used for a variety of tasks.
CNC-RouterInstallation of our new premium CNC Router with Syntec controller in Grays, Essex.


Installation of a pressbrake and mechanical guillotine in York.

Toscar-Hydraulic-PressbrakeHydraulic Pressbrake Syncro
The  Mantech Synchro Pressbrake uses state-of- the-art hydraulics (Bosch-Rexroth or Hoerbiger) and electronics (Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin Legrand, Siemens) to ensure accurate control of the bending process.

The Pressbrake Frame is a robust welded mono-block steel construction, stress relieved after welding and machined without repositioning to guarantee machine precision, all-in-all, ensuring minimum deflection during bending operation.

Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micropolished for long production life. The Synchronised Pressbrake is a downstroking twin cylinder hydraulic pressbrake (Y1 – Y2 Axis).

Hydraulic-GuillotineHydraulic Guillotine
The Premium Hydraulic Guillotine is a Swing Beam Action machine which is produced in a variety of cutting lengths and capacity options.

One off 1.0M Ruled Squaring Arm with tilting stop and two off 1.0M Front Support Arms, Bed infill plates with ball transfers.

CNC-Router-in-ClactonInstallation of a CNC Router in Clacton.

Mantech CNC Router Model M25 with a 1300x 2500mm x 200mm working area including:
  • 4.5KW water-cooled electro spindle
  • CE conformity
  • Digital Handheld DSP Handle and USB connection
  • Vacuum Table and Pump
  • Dust Extraction Complete
  • Tool Height Measurement
  • CAD/CAM Vectric Vcarve
  • Water Pump for spindle
CNC-Router-in-OxfordInstallation of a CNC Router in Oxford.

High performance CNC Router suitable for use with a wide range of materials including: cutting of and engraving on acrylic materials, double-colour boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as dibond, brass  and aluminium materials.
Fiber-laser-markerInstallation of a Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

These machines are ideal for marking and etching all types of metal and other materials; brass, titanium, steel, iron, aluminum, cloth, fabric, PVC, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic.

Suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments. Our machines are robust and require minimal maintenance.

Laser-Cutter-school-in-EssexInstallation of a Laser Cutter in a school in Essex.

Laser Cutters are ideal for use in schools and colleges to safely teach technology subjects and what can be achieved by these versatile machines.

Laser Cutters can be used to create a variety of products using different materials such as wood, bamboo, organic glass, clothes, leather and rubber.
Kingswood-Secondary-AcademyInstallation of a laser cutter at Kingswood Secondary Academy in Corby.

Our laser cutters are suitable for a wide range of applications. For cutting and engraving on all types of materials.
  • The control system of our laser cutting machine can work without a computer or can be connected to a U disk or any other USB interface.
  • The laser beam accuracy delivers a higher working efficiency and smoother laser engraving and cutting.
  • The high precision liner bearing in our laser engraving machine, provides smooth operation.
Diode-Laser-cutterInstallation of a Diode-pumped Laser Marking Machine at Shannon Airport.

Mainly for use on metal (including rare metals) and non-metal processing, such as alloy, oxide, ABS, epoxy resin and jewellery marking as well as bearing marking.
CNC-Router-in-BarnsleyInstallation of a CNC Router in Barnsley.

Industrial/Precision CNC routers

These machines have to be reliable and robust to work in demanding production environments. They are often operating for long periods of time and you can be confident that our machines are built to provide years of service with minimal downtime.
Plasma-Cutter-in-WolverhamptonInstallation of a Plasma Cutting Machine in Wolverhampton.

The Plasma Cutting Table is a robust welded steel construction including a stainless steel water tray with quick-emptying drain system, convenient full sheet loading, adjustable leveling feet, side mounted ball transfers for easy plate loading and a stand-alone electrical cabinet with CNC Control.
DCT-Table-installationInstallation of a Digital Cutting Table / Cutting Plotter

Cutting plotters provide rapid routing and knife-cutting for use with a wide variety of materials.
Hydraulic-Guillotine-in-Birmingham-Installation of a Hydraulic Guillotine in Birmingham.

High quality metalworking guillotines.

Capacity: 6mm
Cutting length: 4 meters