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New Premium Hydraulic Guillotine

Premium Hydraulic Guillotine
Premium Hydraulic Guillotine
Price: £15,010.00 + VAT

New Premium Hydraulic Guillotine is a Heavy Duty Hydraulic Guillotine manufactured from an all steel welded mono-block construction to assure top quality of cut.

The Premium Hydraulic Guillotine is a Swing Beam Action machine which is produced in a variety of cutting lengths and capacity options.

One off 1.0M Ruled Squaring Arm with tilting stop and two off 1.0M Front Support Arms, Bed infill plates with ball transfers.

Hand Moveable Foot Pedal control including emergency stop, Instructions and Maintenance Manuals.

High quality shear blades, Service Kit, Colours are light/dark grey and yellow.

The Motorized Backgauge is AC driven and complete with a digital read-out and a hand-wheel for fine adjustment.

The Premium Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine Model HSB 3206 includes the following standard equipment:
  • CE conformity including Tiltable Front Finger Guard and Optical Rear Safety Guard,
  • Rapid and precise blade clearance adjustment by single handle on the side frame
  • Fixed cutting angle, Cutting line illumination
  • Multi Edge Blades for cutting Aluminium, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Quick Blade Gap Adjustment
  • Motorised Backgauge with Automatic Swing-Up at stroke-end to allow longer sheets to be cut. The Backgauge is complete with a mechanical counter and hand wheel for fine adjustment
  • Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms
  • Cutting Line Illumination and wire for shadow line cutting
  • Bed Infill Plates with Ball Transfers
  • High Quality Shear Blades
  • Counter of Strokes, Cutting Length Adjustment
  • Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection
  • Hand Moveable Foot Pedal Control
  • Compact, low-maintenance, hydraulic unit located at top rear of machine
  • 1 year Labour and Parts Warranty
  • Commissioning and Training on Site included
Optional Equipment
  • Roller Rear Supporting Rack
  • Pneumatic Sheet Supporting System
  • Table Mounted Sheet Angle Cutting Gauge
  • CNC Control with input of Plate Thickness, Backgauge Position and Cutting Length
  • GoTo Backgauge Control
  • Digital Readout for Backguage Position


Premium Hydraulic Guillotine rear view
Premium Hydraulic Guillotine installed
Premium Hydraulic Guillotine control
Flip up guards for Hydraulic Guillotine
Premium Hydraulic Guillotine electrical control panel