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Mechanical or hydraulic, our sheet metal guillotines come in a range of sizes.
Treadle Shear/ Guillotine
Our Treadle Shear/ Guillotine is foot operated and is suitable for shearing aluminium, mild steel, copper, brass and zinc. Cutting Length 1320mm - Cutting length 1.5mm Simple push/pull backgauge Two front support arms Side squaring strips Rear guard
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New Premium Hydraulic Guillotine
Price: £15,010.00 + VAT New Premium Hydraulic Guillotine is a Heavy Duty Hydraulic Guillotine manufactured from an all steel welded mono-block construction to assure top quality of cut. The Premium Hydraulic Guillotine is a Swing Beam Action machine which is produced in a variety of cutting lengths and capacity options. One off 1.0M Ruled Squaring Arm with tilting stop and two off 1.0M Front Support Arms, Bed infill plates with ball transfers. Hand Moveable Foot Pedal...
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Mechanical Guillotine
Mechanical Guillotine Model MEG Prices: MEG 1270 x 3.5mm: £7,627.00 + VAT MEG 2550 x 3.2mm: £9,160.00 + VAT MEG 3050 x 3.2mm: £13,025.00 + VAT Ex works Oldbury, West Midlands Our Mechanical Guillotines have a frame that is a whole welded steel structure with compact construction, light weight and good rigidity. Jacking screws of the top blade provide a fine adjustment to minimalise "rag" or "burr" on the sheared edge of the material....
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