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Diamond Edge Polisher

Price: £ 11,280.00 + VAT

The DEP-1200 Diamond Edge Polisher is designed to remove machining marks from a variety of plastics, and to produce a clear 90° finish, almost equivalent to the finished surface of the material being processed.

The DEP-1200 can ‘edge polish’ multiple, straight edged sheets of material up to a Maximum of 80mm in width (Total), and up to 2440mm in length in ‘one pass’. The material is fed over 3 diamond cutters rotating between 6600- 11000rpm, driven via 2 DC Speed controlled adjustable belts that grip the components firmly during processing.

Specifications & Electrical Requirements

Mechanical Specifications
Maximum Material Thickness: 80mm
Max Sheet Size : 2440mm x 1220mm
Input & output Track Length: 1800mm
Spindle Speed: 6600-11000rpm
Cutting Head: 3 Cutters. 2 X Polycrystalline (Roughing), 1 Natural.

Technical Specifications
Max. Thickness: 80mm
Spindle: 4KW (water-cooled)
Transport Belt Motor: 0.1 KW
Dust Extraction Motor: 1.1 KW
Max. Panel Size:
Amount of Material Removed: 0.5mm per pass
Cutting Tools:
2 polycrystalline diamonds (roughing – 0.4 mm)
1 single crystal diamond (finishing 0.06 ~ 1mm)
Machine Dimensions: 1800 x 750 x 950 mm

Feed Rate Variable.
Max Quality Finish: 600mm/min
Cut Depth: 0.5mm per pass
Weight 320 Kg Width 1800mm Depth 750mm Height 950mm
Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 380-415v AC – Freq: 50Hz/60Hz - Current: 32Amp
Main Spindle Wattage: 4000
Transport Motor Wattage: 100
Vacuum Motor Wattage: 1100