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Our machines give great value and long life. Don’t just take our word for it, we can provide you with a full list of end users you can select and call for a reference.

About Mantech

Mantech (U.K.) Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of laser machines and laser machine accessories. Our centrally based headquarters in Quarry Bank, West Midlands, United Kingdom helps reduce our transportation costs and keeps our prices below that of our competition.

Worldwide distribution

Since our beginning we have been committed to satisfying the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide higher-quality and lower-priced products to our customers all around the world. Our laser cutting machines, CNC routers, Press Brakes, guillotines and plasma cutting machines are all sought after by global consumers. Our products can be found in Europe, America, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Israel, among others.

Our Products

As a specialized laser machine and accessories manufacturer and supplier, we are able to provide a wide range of machines. In addition to laser engravers, our laser equipment also includes laser-making machines, laser-scanning machines and laser-cutting machines.

Mantech CNC routers include CNC woodworking routers, CNC advertising routers and CNC engraving machines for marble, molds, and cylindrical objects, etc. Pneumatic marking machines and plasma cutting machines are also available.

Sheet metal working machines are also available including hydraulic guillotines and hydraulic pressbrakes.

Our products are produced under the license of The ManTech International Group, which is headquartered in the UK and has subsidiaries in Europe and Russia. The group has 40 years of experience in supplying fabrication machines and CNC machine tools. The combined expertise from The Group has resulted in our products having the features of being easy-to-use, adaptable to a variety of climates, and extremely reliable.

Product Applications

Characterised by superior performance and reasonable prices, our laser cutting machines and laser engraving machines are extensively used in industries like seal and stamp engraving, advertising-sign making, decoration and textile-material cutting, decorative cutting for leather products, and so on.

Quality Control

Since our foundation, we have been dedicated to the research and development of production equipment which integrates optical, mechanical, and electrical technologies. Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality products.

Furthermore, Mantech (U.K.) Ltd. is staffed by a group of senior technicians, this guarantees our ability to develop new products and to improve upon existing products. In addition, Mantech (U.K.) Ltd. imposes strict quality control and precise testing of each product, from raw material selection through each manufacturing process. As a result, our product quality is high and extremely reliable.


Mantech (U.K.) Ltd. aims to offer high quality products. The manufacturing of each of our products is strictly in accordance with applicable international standards. Therefore, all of our products are CE and FDA certified.

Complete Services

All our CNC engraving machines, laser engravers and plasma cutting machines, etc. are handled by our experienced engineers, who are able to respond promptly and effectively to any service query you may have. Additionally, we also offer detailed product consultation, equipment installation services, and a one-year warranty. Moving forward, we will continue to improve our production technology to upgrade our existing products and develop new products.

With our high-quality manufacturing equipment, full range of product specifications, and complete customer service, Mantech (U.K.) Ltd. is able to provide you with high-quality laser engraving machines, laser-marking machines, laser-cutting machines, CNC routers and sheet metal working machines.